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Post-Summit Workshop

June 20

 Constructing the nurse of the future

The sustainability of the nursing workforce will be contingent on addressing the numerous challenges it currently faces, many of which will intensify as we head into the future. Preparing those already in the profession and those about to enter it to face these challenges will be imperative to creating a sustainable workforce.

Explore how embedding the necessary structures conducive to safe work environments, supportive cultures and strong leadership can lead to the development of the nurses that the future will require.  

Facilitated by:

Professor Jenny Sim, Head of School (NSW), Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine, Australian Catholic University



Welcome and Introduction


Overview of Day


Session 1: Defining what a nurse of the future would entail

  • Discuss the ideal features of the future nursing workforce by considering the entire continuum of their careers from education, through to entry into the workforce and later career progression. 

  • Contrast these ideas by reflecting on the current workforce and, through a retention lens, identify what needs to change to achieve sustainability.


Morning Tea


Session 2: Creating a safety orientated environment 

  • Workplace conditions are perhaps the most influential factor as to whether someone stays or leaves a role. Explore what the idea of a safe working environment encompasses and how its construction can support staff through the challenges they may face. Recognise the factors and issues which create corrosive cultures to discover where your own organisation can make improvements




Session 3: Embedding the structures from a leadership perspective to enable supportive environments and the delivery of high-quality care

  • Navigate how a leader can support staff and go about imprinting the structures to do so, especially in a way that maintains high quality care outcomes for patients. Chart the synergy between a safety orientated culture and achieving exemplary quality outcomes. 


Session 4: Building the nurses of the future

  • Draw upon the previous sessions to embark on how your own organisation can ensure staff feel safe at work, reflect on whether existing structures can be altered or removed to develop supportive environments and the leadership guidance to do so. 


Final comments & review


Afternoon Tea

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