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Why Sponsor?

Nursing and Midwifery Directors around Australia are all saying the same thing: we need more staff. But traditional methods of recruitment and retention aren’t helping, which is why health care facilities are looking for innovative solutions to build a sustainable, safe, and efficient workforce.

The 3rd Annual Nurse-Force Summit will allow you to share your solutions with Nursing & Midwifery Directors, policy makers, Union Secretaries, University Deans, and other senior healthcare and nursing leaders who are responsible for workflow improvement, recruitment strategy, training and development, digital innovation, safety and wellbeing of Australia’s nursing workforce.

With a focus on practical strategies and collaborative approaches, the conference aims to foster a more resilient, efficient, and supportive nursing workforce.


Annual Event

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Nursing & Midwifery Healthcare Leaders

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Showcase Area

Delegates are attending to address challenges that include how to:

  • Implement effective strategies to combat the critical shortage of nursing
    and midwifery staff in healthcare settings

  • Integrate latest workforce & rostering technology to streamline processes,
    improve patient care, and reduce the workload on staff

  • Identify approaches to ensure a healthier work-life balance, reducing
    burnout and increasing job satisfaction

  • Discuss methods for providing continuous learning opportunities and
    clear career pathways in the nursing and midwifery professions

  • Evaluate what training and development innovations can help attract and
    retain a sustainable, fit for purpose workforce

  • Implement effective mental health support systems and stress reduction
    techniques for healthcare professionals

  • Address issues such as workplace safety, adequate staffing, and access to
    necessary resources and equipment to provide a safer work environment

  • Discuss strategies for influencing health policy to address workforce
    challenges and improve working conditions

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